The Shiva In All Of Us

In honor of Fathers Day, we celebrate the Divine Masculine, which is equally present in both men and women.

A core teaching in the tantric tradition states that the universe is a weaving of energies that we call masculine and feminine, and at this level of reality they are way beyond gender. Shiva is the divine masculine and Shakti the divine feminine. Shiva is described as pure awareness, light as the source of everything. Shakti is the creative power that emerges out of this profound stillness as an ecstatic urgency, a creative desire, a manifesting power.

The qualities of the divine masculine are felt in our pure experiences of awareness, stillness and freedom from entanglement in the world. Also expressed as structure and order. As crucial to the dance of life are the qualities of the divine feminine such as creative playfulness, sensuality, flow, embodied love and fundamental dynamism.

Today, as I honor the divine masculine, Shiva, I pray the world over for all beings to awaken with the awareness of their inner light. And to remember who they really are, divine beings of love and light, Shakti and Shiva.

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