Cranial Sacral Therapy

Delicate sensing of the cranial bones and sacrum, relaxing the whole nervous system. CST releases restrictions allowing the bdy to self-heal and self-correct. Deep effects on physical, emotional and spiritual level.


Session lasts about 75 min. $125


Sacred Journey Therapy

Multidimensional form of energy work based on cranial sacral therapy. Releases long suppressed emotions and heals ancient wounds. Can be used to release traumas from other lifetimes.


Session lasts about 75 min. $125


Vibrational Healing Therapy

Powerful healing therapy for cancer and disease primarily using intention and vibration to restore and balance the life force energy within the body. Provides energetic nutrients essential for transforming cells which support the holographic framework for regeneration, forming a matrix within the physical body that serves as a template and allows regenerated cells to adhere to their task within the complex system.


Session lasts about 75 min. $125


Miasm Release Therapy

Designed to release heavy vibrational energies or entities which is limiting our personal growth. Characteristics of miasm include mental disorders like depression, anxiety attacks, schizophrnia, negative behavior disorder patterns, addictions, migraines, overall feelings of being held back.


Session lasts baout 60 min. $220 for two therapists